Safety Rear view camera
Dash Storage space
Seats Quality seat material

Ducato Chassis Cab

The Fiat Professional Platform Cabs take load handling and transport very seriously. It offers a range of box vehicles that are ideal for all your business needs. The Ducato Chassis Cab is strong and efficient without compromising the comfort and safety of its occupants.

Fiat Professional has been serving the business community with reliable vehicles for over 35 years. We ensure that your transport needs are adequately met with our vehicles. Whether you are transporting people, goods or other important goods, we have over 10 000 versions available.

The vehicle’s bumper is split into four parts together with a grille which you can remove. The Ducato Chassis Cab has a high-pressure jet, moving, headlight washer that is able to clean the entire surface of the headlights to increase the driver’s visibility on the roads. Its fog lights are located on the lower front bumper which also guarantees maximum visibility and LED DRL headlights to provide the driver with 40% more light efficiency, and they are specifically located to avoid possible impacts.

The Ducato Chassis has a solution for your every need as it is strong and versatile. It has an amazing braking system together with mechanics and suspension on its Maxi version. For increased convenience, the van has electric rearview mirrors that are practical and adjustable. The main sections of the vehicle have been improved and the vehicle has increased durability and reliability.

The Ducato Chassis is optimally safe and made for high performance with the most advanced control and safety technology in its class thus far.

If you would like to book a test drive, fill in the form online and one of our dealerships will get in touch with you to set up a date. We also offer fleet solutions and you can inquire about our financing options.