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New and Used Abarth in Bryanston

The Abarth vehicle range is where the DNA of the Abarth workshop comes to life. Abarth has a team of highly trained and passionate motorsport engineers and designers. Abarth vehicles are synonymous with high performance and powerful vehicles. They are small and agile, much like a scorpion and they obtain success in every competition. The Abarth brand has been creating a name for itself in the 1950s and the 1960s. Over the years it has made a name for itself in the sporting world.

The Abarth brand still seeks to maintain its unique DNA and still maintains its sporty yet fun look. The Abarth range has a captivating design and exterior that is dynamic and bold. All the details are designed for performance. The interior design of these cars reaffirms its racing attitude with carbon fibre details and technical materials underlining the sporty personality of this brand. Some of our models are also equipped with a sport button to adjust the parameters like the speed, power and steering calibration, as well as the acceleration pedal. Abarth is perfect for young people, older folk and families, it is fresh and fun with loads of appeal. Driving in your new Abarth will surely turn heads no matter where you go. You have so many colours to choose fun, whether you want your Abarth to look funky and fun or sexy and sporty.

Experience True High-Performance Luxury

Whichever Abarth you choose, you will surely love your new fun sporty car, and be able to modify it just the way you want to create the look that you want. Book your test drive today, especially if you haven’t already driven an Abarth car and experience the thrill and excitement that the Abarth vehicle range brings.