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New and Used Jeep Bryanston, Sandton

The Jeep brand was founded in 1941 and is the global icon that is recognised around the world for its SUVs and its uncompromised off-road abilities.

In recent years Jeep has pushed the boundaries with its level of excellence and new luxurious designs. We have a clear strategy at Jeep to expand our global presence and continue to develop and grow our brand. Now we cater high end 4X4 vehicles that are not only strong and masculine but also elegant and sleek. We have stylish and modern finishes on the inside and outside of every one of our Jeep vehicles to compliment your unique personality and style. There are lots of extras you can add to your Jeep to make it more suitable for your needs.

At Jeep Sandton, we will not only take care of your new vehicle needs but also have a wide range of pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from. Our dealership will also take care of all your service and parts needs with qualified and experienced technicians.

The Jeep brand has been permanently linked with freedom, adventure and authenticity since its inception. The brand has an unwavering commitment to its advanced level of engineering and has managed to forge a strong relationship between the vehicles and their owners. Jeep owners have their own Jeep Club that is exclusive to them. They organise outings with Jeep members and their families, and discuss the capabilities of their Jeep vehicles and discuss matters relative to their brand of Jeep. Our values are embodied in every Jeep that we create and embedded in Jeep’s DNA. Jeep vehicle owners know that the Jeep badge stands for more than just a brand, it is their badge of honour.

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