Space Boot space
Sunroof Premium quality sunroofs
Interior Leather seats

Abarth 595

The new Abarth 595 will surely meet the challenge of exceeding your expectations of a car. The care has specific braking system which ensures safety while you drive while also allowing you to achieve the best performance.

It comes with an all-new sporty leather cockpit, flat-bottom steering wheel with racing-inspired viewfinder and you can customise the driving mode with the sport button. This button allows you to increase the car’s speed while also adjusting the calibration of the power steering and the accelerator pedal.

The Abarth 595 allows you to connect easily using the Uconnect feature system with a 5” touchscreen. It integrates steering wheel commands with Bluetooth. Now you can listen to your music straight off your smartphone via audio streaming. The Abarth 595 has become even more social and gives drivers access to applications like Facebook, and Twitter straight from their Uconnect screen. You can even connect to maps which automatically updates every three months. The Abarth 595 is an entry-level for those wanting to try out Abarth first, with a 1.4 Turbo T Jet with 145 HP and Torque Transfer Control. It has satin chrome finishes which make it look and feel fun.

This vehicle is available in 595 Pista, 595 Turismo, 595 Competizione and Abarth 595 Esseesse. Have a look at all that this range has to offer to find one that is best suited for you. You can book a test drive to discover if it is really the car for you, and to experience the true beauty of this car.

You can accessorise your car to give it a personalised feel by adding conversion kits, alloy wheels, carbon mirror caps, carbon fibre pillars, special knobs on the gears, kick plates, pedals and so much more.