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Fiorino Cargo

The Fiat Fiorino Cargo has a load capacity of 660 kg and a high set of headlights to provide its drivers with better visibility and protect them from possible accidents. Their front bumpers and grilles are available in light silver, to bring out its elegance. The Fiat Fiorino Cargo is distinctive in its design and follows the unique design of the other vehicles in the Fiat Professional range. This has its own distinctive character and dynamic design.

It is extremely comfortable and has a sliding door which is perfectly located at the side of the vehicle. The side of this vehicle together with its external handles provide an excellent grip and allow owners to easily open and close the door. The Fiorino Cargo comes with the Fiat Professional badge and wears it with pride, to show off its strength and agility.

The interior of the Fiorino has been designed for two main objectives, comfort and functionality. The cabin of the vehicle is equipped with so many features that you would need to tackle your daily tasks with confidence and simplicity.

The Fiorino Cargo comes with the Diesel MultiJet2 engine delivers excellent driving satisfaction and performance. It has low running costs and environmental sustainability. Its drivers can enjoy an increased level of driving comfort thanks to its MTA gearbox. The Fiorino Cargo is well equipped with a wide range of devices to guarantee that you and your precious cargo are safe while travelling. It is equipped with two airbags for the driver and passenger as well.

If you want to purchase a fleet of these vans, you can contact our branch. We will be happy to assist with financing as well. Or you can book a test drive and come in to view this necessary accessory.