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Doblo Cargò

The Fiat Doblo Cargo is the ideal van for the on-the-go businessman. It is 2.755 m long and comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 100 000 km over 3 years. The Doblo Cargo has a new frontend which boasts rich style and technology. The lines of the bonnet and the front bumper improve the van’s aerodynamics and guarantee much greater efficiency, even if you are travelling at a low speed. The Doblo has sliding side doors that are wide open and easy to access and load, even in cramped up spaces. The Doblo Cargo has handles that were designed to optimise ergonomics and robustness and its internal handles make it easy to open and close the sliding doors, with its easy to handle vertical grip. Its back door stands out for being practical and incorporates 180-degree opening which makes it the perfect working van. It has low loading threshold facilities and is seen as the best in its class and in its category.

The engine on the Doblo Cargo is made for an excellent performance for any professional needs and types of use. The engine is perfect for the city and to take on long adventures. It offers brilliant performance and high torque and has been created to have low running costs making it the ideal work vehicle. It is equipped with a range of devices that guarantee the safety of the driver and occupants.

It comes with airbags for the driver and occupants and can be installed with a host of accessories like a roof bars basket, side ladder and loading roller. Seems like the perfect van for those on the move business people. Book a test drive or simply enquire about how you can order a fleet of these vans for your company. Fill in your details in the online form or give us a call and we will gladly assist you.