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Alfa Romeo Giulia

The new Giulia continues Alfa Romeo’s legacy of producing exciting drivers’ cars that exude Italian passion with every throttle blip.

Agile handling &ample power

The Giulia’s heart beats to the rhythm of a 2.0-litre inline 4-cylinder turbo engine capable of generating 148 kW. The differential powers the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Keeping the wheels on the ground during fast cornering is the new Alfa Link suspension, designed to reduce understeer while maximising grip. The Alfa DNA knob allows the driver to select the Dynamic driving profile for sharper performance, Natural for increased comfort, and Advanced Efficiency to minimise fuel consumption. The Start&Stop feature helps to further reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions while driving in city traffic.

Greater efficiency through weight savings

To attain its excellent power-to-weight ratio, Giulia is designed to use lightweight materials strategically to both reduce weight and create an optimally-balanced weight distribution. You’ll find a carbon fibre driveshaft, and an aluminium bonnet, doors, suspension, brake callipers, and engine. This weight reduction not only increases performance, but it further reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Innovative safety features to watch over you

The Giulia is packed with safety features. Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Brake detects the possibility of a head-on collision and then applies the brakes automatically. Lane Departure Warning warns the driver if they deviate from their lane or turn without using the indicators. Blind Spot Monitoring keeps a lookout for objects that lurk in your blindspots using in-bumper sensors and sounds a warning if there’s a threat. Integrated Brake System combines the brake system with stability control to maximise braking efficiency while eliminating pedal vibrations when ABS braking is activated. Finally, Rear Cross-Path Detection warns you of obstacles behind you when you reverse, allowing you to avoid a collision.