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Interior Leather seats
Lights High beam lights
Rear Special rear design

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

How do you take the most fun Alfa Romeo, ever and make it even more fun? Simple, you take the roof off.

Let there be Spiders!

There’s an unwritten rule, a sort of gentlemen’s agreement, that every Italian sports coupé has to be turned into a Spider variant at some point. That agreement was honoured at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, approximately a year after the launch of the 4C coupé.

Just a little off the top

The engine remains the same. It’s still the same lightweight and powerful aluminium 1.75-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine. Changes were made to the headlights, exhaust, and engine cover. The roof section has also been changed to accommodate the removable roof panel. Additionally, the body had to pick up 45 kg in reinforcements in order to maintain body rigidity when the roof is removed. However, that didn’t hurt performance one bit. It still does 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and will still reach a 257 km/h top speed.

All other parts of the 4C Spider remain the same as the standard 4C. It still has an 18” wheels in front and 19” wheels at the back. Ventilated disc brakes and Brembo callipers remain, as does the front wishbone suspension and rear MacPherson struts. The only thing that’s different is the wind in your hair.

Seek out the scenic route

With the roof off, the 4C Spider is now much more suited to cruising along scenic routes than before. It’s still more than capable of holding its own at a track day, but the removable roof panel opens up many more exciting possibilities.


Alfa Romeo’s engineering combined with Maserati’s manufacturing skill made the original 4C possible. After that, it would’ve been easy to believe that lightning won’t strike twice. But it did, and car enthusiasts are all the better for it.