Infotainment Touchscreen With Navigation System
Dash Smooth Dash
Seats Leather seats


We would like to introduce you to the Volvo S90 with its superior design and innovative technology. This car is a real beauty combining both elegance and confidence, it uses natural materials with its intuitive technology, and it is truly the next generation in Volvo cars. The Volvo S90 is so smart, it can detect cyclists, pedestrians and even large animals. If you fail to brake on time, your car will even do it for you.

It is equipped with Park Assist Pilot which helps drivers with their parking, it will also determine if your car is able to fit in the space provided. The car is so advanced that it takes over the steering of your car so you don’t have to stress. It has a 360 degree camera option that also assists with parking. It has the option of the active high beam which knows when to switch between low and high beam and reacts to oncoming cars.

With Volvo’s city safety feature your car can even work out whether you are at risk of a collision, if you are nearing slower-moving traffic or vehicles that are stationary.

Volvo has designed this car with a built-in USB and auxiliary connectors and wireless connectivity. You can connect seamlessly with your digital world using the Sensus Navigation which is a user-friendly gadget and does not distract you from the road ahead. The Volvo S90 also comes with premium sound with a subwoofer integrated into the car’s ventilation. The car has a 12 volt power outlet in the front and rear seats and you can connect your Apple smartphone via the Apple CarPlay to enjoy inside your sexy new S90. To book a test drive, contact your nearest dealer today.