Model Range

Interior Special Interior Design
Space Boot space
Grill Special grill design


The Tipo range was designed to be spacious and elegant, with the Tipo Sedan being designed to give you driving pleasure while also being comfortable and classy. Some of the car’s features include a punctuated wraparound grille which is integrated into this single design with headlight clusters. This design gives the car character and individuality. The Fiat Tipo has wide aperture doors for outstanding ease of access for both drivers and passengers alike. The car has a distinct and dynamic design with its rear light clusters which make it stand out from the rest.

The Fiat Tipo ensures that drivers are comfortable while driving this luxury car. Its interior design offers create a techno-savvy and comfy space so that each journey is made perfect. Your driving experience is sure to be amazing with this salon car as the controls and driving position are designed for maximum comfort for its driver.

The Tipo has a massive boot space and is designed to carry everything you need in 520 litres of space. It is the most spacious sedan in its class.

You can stay connected with the Fiat Tipo sedan as it features UConnect, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music while on the go. You have the option of installing UConnect Nav with the TomTom 3D navigation system which has onboard display functions.

You can choose between the Fiat Tipo Sedan and the Fiat Tipo Hatchback. The difference is that the Hatchback has a boot space of 440 litres. The Hatchback can be fitted with a rear-end camera which assists you while you drive. Drivers will be able to view what is going on behind their car with this camera which is integrated into the UConnect system.

You can personalise your car with even more features that are important to you, simply take a look at the extras we have available.