BMW Aftersales - a Commitment to Excellence

BMW Service exists to deliver a comprehensive offering of bespoke repair and service deals, exclusively customised to meet your specific needs. Whether your car needs maintenance, a service, premium genuine parts - or you just need advice, our outstanding customer service centre will assist you with world-class after sales service. The three qualities most valued by BMW Aftersales are quality, efficiency and innovation, an ethos that guides all our interactions.

BMW Cares - During & After Your BMW Motorplan

No matter where your car is in its life cycle, we are here to assist. While our cars are designed with technology that is created to stand the test of time, our highly-skilled technicians are trained in keeping them functioning optimally for many years after their initial launch.

Post-Motorplan Parts & Servicing

Even after your car’s Motorplan has passed its expiry date, we have the expertise to get your vehicle back into top form, using only genuine BMW parts. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring that the experience of driving a BMW is always world-class.