New Discovery Sport

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The Discovery Sport

Experience true luxury with this modern crafted Discovery Sport vehicle which features distinct contours, and character design that sets it apart as the Sport edition. The vehicle comes with matrix LED headlights which dim and adjusts to provide the driver with maximum visibility even in poor weather. Using the remote app on your cellular telephone you can even check your fuel level.

We used the latest innovations to ensure that stability and traction are maintained even in slippery conditions which are fitted with selected engine variations. The vehicle is ideal for cold climates with its heated steering wheel for extra comfort when driving. This feature can be activated through a touch control mounted on the steering wheel. The vehicle uses adaptive dynamics to monitor the when position and body movements, thus delivering a smooth and easy ride.

You can use your key fob and smartphone to change important settings on your Discovery Sport vehicle. It even has advanced technology to automatically adapt to your favourite route to get to frequent destinations such as your home. Book your test drive today.