Interior Comfortable
Infotainment Touchscreen with a Navigator
Grill VOLVO V90 grill

Sportswagon V90

The Volvo Sportswagon V90 is ideal for any weather condition out there, which allows you to travel in calm seclusion in any situation. This Sportswagon is elegant yet still rugged, and very practical. The vehicle is ready for any adventure that you want to take. The V90 easily adapts to your drive and selects the drive mode that is ideal for you, comfort, eco, dynamic, off-road or individual.

Pilot assist makes journeys easier and more relaxing for the driver as it adjusts the steering to keep the car within the lane markings. The exterior design on this vehicle is perfectly crafted to withstand any condition and give you the best experience. The side scuff plates have been carefully crafted to complement the cars design and its unique styling. It has double integrated split end pipes in stainless steel to add an exclusive look to your beautifully crafted Sportswagon. The car’s bumpers have exclusive bumper covers which protect your vehicle while you are loading and off-loading via the load compartment. This car comes with 21” wheels which add attitude to your vehicle in the unique expressive diamond-cut design.

You can also add accessories to your Sportswagon by adding a bicycle holder, load liner, load carrier and a roof box. This innovative device allows your passengers to stream as they enjoy, watching lots of different content & using up to six devices. They can enjoy watching films, listening to music and looking at photos. You can even accessorise your car with iPad holders which attach to the rear seat for passengers to watch and charge their smart devices at the same time.

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