Accident Report Guide

You’ve been involved in an accident - Procedure to follow

1. Seek medical care if you are injured. Your wellbeing is your first priority.

2. Obtain all relevant information relating to the accident

3. Exchange your name, as well as vehicle and policy information with the other parties involved.

4. Do not argue about or admit to liability with the other party involved.

5. Discuss the details of the accident only with the police and your insurance claims professional

6. Contact your insurers’ help desk.

7. Utilise the services of a registered tow-truck operator such as “Recover On Call” and ensure that they tow your vehicle to SMH Repair Centre. Having your vehicle repaired at an approved repairer such as SMH Paint Technics will ensure that your warranty is not invalidated.

8. Report your claim as soon as possible after the accident to all relevant parties.

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