Welcome to SMH Paint Technics

SMH Paint Technics is a state of the art approved repair centre. We are located centrally in Longmeadow Business Park on the Edenvale/Modderfortein border.(click here for a map).

With written acknowledgement that Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo and Subaru have the utmost confidence in SMH Paint Technics, we ensure you, as our valued customer, that your vehicle is in the hands of Qualified, Professional and Caring individuals, who will ensure that quality restoriation is adhered to, therefore not affecting the manufacturers warranty and/or motorplan.

Regular inspections and audits by local manufacturers and insurance companies are carried out to ensure that our high levels of craftsmanship and manufacturer standards are maintained.

We have the Major insurance companies referring business to us on a regular basis, boasting the fact that our workmanship and professionalism are of the highest standards.