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Solutions for all your automotive requirements.

SMH Financial Services is an authorised financial service provider, providing financial and insurance solutions to clients of the southern motor group.

Smh financial services takes pride in arranging finance and insurance for your next vehicle through our dedicated staff - based at all of the smh group dealers.

Finance options on offer through all the major financial institutions will be offered to you, providing the most efficient and affordable way to buy your vehicle

furthermore smh financial services through its insurance partners will make sure that you and your vehicle are sufficiently insured to manage any future mishaps.

Please remember that as a client it is your right in terms of the financial advisory and intermediately services act to receive the correct advice on insurance products, so make sure that you speak to one of our finance and insurance managers before finalising your vehicle purchase.

Top up cover

In the event of the total loss of the vehicle during the finance period, top up cover will pay the difference between the insurance payout and the settlement amount owing under the finance agreement.

Additional options:

1. Deposit protection policy

In the event of the total loss of the vehicle during the finance period deposit protector will pay you or your agreement a benefit calculated as a pro rata portion of your original deposit for the remaining period under the agreement.

2. Excess protection policy

In the event of the total loss of the vehicle during the finance period excess protector will pay up to 10% of the market value of the vehicle or the real excess payable in terms of your motor comprehensive insurance policy.

Return to invoice cover – depreciation cover for the cash buyer

Where the vehicle is a total loss (theft or accident) and is written off by the insurer who has settled the claim, the rti policy will pay the difference between the market value of the vehicle (as paid by the underlying insurance policy) and the original invoice price as at the date of purchase.

Credit protection policy

Credit protection policy covers you in the event of death, permanent disability, critical illness or retrenchment. This policy will settle your vehicle finance in the event of death.

Mechanical warranty

Various warranty products are available, tailored to solve your mechanical breakdown concerns.


Extend your vehicle’s current motor plan and pay for your services at today’s price and save on the inflated costs in the future. Included in the price you get full mechanical warranty cover.

Comprehensive insurance

Smh financial services have approved brokers to assist you with competitive insurance quotations, please speak to one of our finance and insurance managers for further information.

Dent, windscreen and scratch cover

Top up your comprehensive insurance by adding the dent, scratch and windscreen repair cover at very little extra cost. Avoid your comprehensive insurance excess and claim on this policy.

Tyre sealant

Forget about tyre bands or run flats, our product, survival sealant repairs your tyre while you drive, no stopping to get repairs or new tyres. Consider this the ultimate solution to your family’s safety when traveling after hours.

Tyre warranty

in the event that you do ruin your tyres, take out this insurance to pay for those costly tyre replacements.

Vehicle tracking and recovery.

Get your own back with several tracking devices on offer. We are affiliated with all leading tracking companies.

Vehicle protection products.

Hassle free all included unique products, providing peace of mind, concerning all mechanical external forces and car care, also providing excellent value by initializing non tangible benefits.

  • Paint protector - provides uv protection, prevents vehicle paintwork from fading. Provides a bonded layer of shiny protection, minimizes effects of industrial fallout, acid rain and pollution.
  • Interior protection - resistance to everyday stains, repellence of spillages by beading up for blotting away with absorbent cloth. Retention of colour and soft feel, promotes longer life.
  • Smash & grab - uv ray protection, protects your family from intruders, strengthens glass. Available in four tinted shades.
  • Vehicle protection shield - protection film against stone chips, scratches, scuffing, environmental damage and bug acids damage to paintwork.

For further information on the many other toughening accessories we offer, contact one of our finance and insurance managers.

* All our insurance products are underwritten  by fsb approved providers. Please refer to policy document for specific terms and conditions


FSP Number  11527
SMH Financial Services has a conflict of interest policy which can be obtained from david raw